Europa league whisky glass


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I normally lose or misplace these, last season of all seasons I managed to keep them and have the full set
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Blue As

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I have quite a collection( including duplicates) lovely glasses.
Sparta Prague
Young Boys
Bayer Leverkusen
Rapid Vienna


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I’ve got them all. My poor FIL hasn’t got a Leipzig one. It’s in the dustbin outside Queen street station, smashed :))

I’ve also got the complete CL set, but they are somewhat bing I’d rather not celebrate

Pete Love

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I would absolutely love to add, even just one of these, to my collection. I don't have any but I am a whisky drinker so would be well used. If any bears out there wouldn't mind giving up one, send me a PM please!

Cambuslang Ranger

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I’m short of Red Star , Braga and Leipzig from last seasons run to complete the set if anyone has any spare they are willing to sell.