McCrorie to leave following McGregor’s new deal


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Don’t blame him. If McGregor is going to be number 2 then for a boy at 24 he needs to be playing football and it must be disheartening that a 40 year old clearly struggling last season is likely going to be ahead of you.

The nightmare scenario for me though is McGregor being number 1 next season.


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Unsurprising if true. Chances of the guy getting more than a couple of games this season is unlikely. He’s 24 now. Needs to start getting regular games to develop.


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It’s the one contract extension that I believe will bite us on the backside!!

If AM is No1 next year, we will drop points because of him, the defence will become more insecure and we will lose possession through him time and time again! I’m also saying this as a fan of his by the way.

As for RM, he needs to play. Best outcome is he signs a new deal and goes out on loan again


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The resigning of McGregor is a mistake and the consequences are being felt already if that’s true.
Some said MvGregor was only given a new contract as he was club trained, well if McCrorie goes then that was a waste.
I don’t know if McCrorie would be good enough long term for Rangers , but in my opinion he is a better option as No2 than McGregor.


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He should have moved up the pecking order this year, JM should have been number 1 and young lad given the cup games, similar to what happened with McGregor and McLaughlin last year

We will now need to go get a 3rd keeper because of our loyalty to a player who is basically done

Well played Rangers


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Completely understand if he wants to leave.

I used to think both McCrorie brothers would be mainstays in our team for years. Sadly it hasn't turned out that way.


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The romantic story was always McCrorie as our long term keeper.

I'll be honest, as much as I completely understand why he wants first team football, I've not saw enough of him to know this is a mistake on our part yet.

Respect to the guy for not being happy to just sit in the stand and pick up a wage.


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Can't really blame him. He never got another chance after a solid Old Firm game last year, and he should be going into this season competing with McLaughlin rather than being number three again.
It's actually perfect for him, if he thinks he is good enough to be number one. His choice, but he's making a huge mistake if Rangers want him to stay, in my opinion.


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I, like others, absolutely understand his decision.

But, the harsh truth is that he is unlikely to ever make the grade as our first team keeper. 2 managers and martendale thought the same. Ultimately, when we remove the emotion of him being one f us, he is similar to his brother. Good, with potential, but not likely to be at our level.

All the best to him.

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I am not overly fussed that he is going to go. He seemed an alright keeper but I did not see a future Rangers number 1 in him.

He is backing himself by looking to move on and I hope it works out for him.
I feel the same . I can see him as a St Mirren or Kilmarnock keeper. I wasn’t great at Livi.


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He's doing the right thing for his career.

We've obviously not seen enough in him to ever truly envision him as our number 1.
Probably but if we had seen him make the clangers that shagger made which eventually cost us the league he would have been long gone,and what decent keeper will want to sign for us when a 40 year old keeper is considered our no 1 .

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Not that bothered about McCrorie as such but this sort of highlights to me why the whole keeping old players is good for young players thing is just a bit daft.

Younger player do just sort of want to play games of football

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Joke from the club.

Mcrorie may or may not have went on to do well for us but we should have rolled that dice instead of re signing a 40 year old who'll cost us points and possibly the league again.

There's a horrible mentality towards our youth.

Arfield getting an unwarranted extension at the expense of young Lowry who looks a great wee player is just one example.

The old guard always come out on top when it comes to building a squad.