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A bargain at £15,000….
A bargain at £15,000….
That shirt looks absolutely sensation in the picture.

A little before my time but it is always nice when Rangers pick up a domestic bargain and he turns in some cracking displays, regardless of whether we make subsequent money.

A lost art form in terms of our dealings, maybe Boyd was the last example of it?

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A dark day at Ibrox on Saturday 5th April 1902 when 68.000 people gather to watch Scotland play against England. A gaping hole opened up and people plunged below. A total of 25 people died and 587 were injured but remarkably the game continued with many people crammed into other areas of the ground unaware of what was happening.
Does anyone have the photograph of 5 players - Wee Bud, Stein, Greig, Penman and Ronnie McKinnon modelling the 1968-73 home and away kits?

Fairly certain it was taken in 1968-69. I’d like a nice version of it to pin on my wall.
I had no idea they did things like that as long ago as that.
I remember it well Josh. I was there that night, and the screens though not perfect weren’t too bad considering that it was, I think, the first time we had tried it at Ibrox.
(It was not long after the great storm in Jan., 1968, which is why the roof over the Rangers end is in such a state of disrepair.)